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By Kathy Savitt, CMO and Head of Media

I am pleased to announce that Debra Berman will be joining Yahoo as our new Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing, reporting to me.  Debra will join the Yahoo marketing team on July 6, bringing with her more than two decades of marketing experience. Debra’s extensive background in helping brands define and connect with consumers, coupled with her data and analytics-driven approach to drive marketing performance, makes her an ideal fit for this role.


In this newly created role Debra will oversee product marketing, help drive audience engagement and lead consumer brand strategy.

Prior to Yahoo, Debra was the Chief Marketing Officer of JCPenney where she led the restoration of both the customer base and brand health during a critical turnaround period for the company.

Debra has received many accolades for her outstanding work, including being named one of Brand Innovators Top 50 Women in Marketing in 2014 and 2015, DFW CMO of The Year and 2012 AdAge Media Maven.

Prior to joining JCPenney, Debra was VP of Marketing Strategy and Engagement for Kraft Foods, where  she unlocked the global potential for many iconic, heritage and emerging brands. Before Kraft, Debra’s career includes time spent in advertising, brand strategy and management consulting. She has her MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA and graduated from The University of Pennsylvania. Debra will be relocating to California with her family to join the Yahoo team in Sunnyvale.



What’s your personal connection with the LGBTQ community?

In 2014, I met Danial, my fiancee on the dating app Tindr. He gave me so much strength and was so excited to talk to his family and friends about our relationship. However, I was still closeted to those around me. It didn’t feel…

By Jeff Bonforte, SVP, Product & Engineering, Communications

Since unveiling one of the biggest Flickr redesigns in history just over a month ago, the positive reactions, comments, tweets and Facebook posts from our members and media have been astounding. The overhaul across desktop and mobile that we brought to our community of more than 112 million photographers resulted in 4X as many mobile uploads, and we have broken our previous single-day upload record by 3X.

The Verge said, “Flickr redesigns web and mobile apps to create a powerhouse in online photo storage,” and Forbes wrote, “Overall, this is an extremely impressive upgrade. Probably the biggest in Flickr’s history making the tired old photo service up-to-date and ahead of the competition.”

We want to take a moment to say “THANK YOU” to all our members - from those who have been with us since the beginning to those who joined us since the most recent launch!

You’ve told us how much you love the new Flickr and we wanted to spotlight your top five favorite features.


1) Auto-Uploadr: Never delete a photo or video again with automatic backup, new and old, freeing up precious space on your phone. Also try the new Mac or Windows Uploadr for the desktop. We maintain the original photo quality and automatically remove duplicates.


2) Swipe to share: Simply swipe to select photos and videos and click to share via email, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and more.


3) Editing on the go and on the desktop: From basic to advanced photo-editing, Flickr offers the editing tools you need. And for the first time on mobile, editing is non-destructive so you can always revert back to the original image.


4) Magic View: In the new Camera Roll, Magic View intelligently identifies the content in your photos, using Flickr’s image recognition technology and automatically organizes them across more than 60 categories (including screenshots, landscapes, animals and more).


5) New powerful search: Quickly find the photo you’re looking for not only from your own photos and albums but also from the people you follow on Flickr and photos from the entire Flickr community. Also, filter by color (try more than one), size, orientation and more.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the new Flickr at www.flickr.com and install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



What’s your personal connection with the LGBTQ community?

I am a female to male transgendered individual. Looking back, I knew I identified as male at about six years old. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant, that there was a term for what I was feeling, or that even trans people…



Thumbnail images of the 50 videos in the TVSum50 dataset.

By Yale Song

This year, US adults will spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day with video on digital devices.1 Yahoo serves over 1.5 billion content videos streams across its various sites,2 and on YouTube over…

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By Amotz Maimon, Chief Architect

At Yahoo, we continue to focus on our key product pillars: search, communications and digital content. Part of that focus includes taking a hard look at our existing products and services, and ensuring our resources are spent smartly and with a clear purpose. Ultimately, we want to provide you with the best products, platforms and experiences possible.

We’d like to provide you with a few upcoming product changes:

  • Support for Yahoo Mail on older iOS devices (built-in Mail app): In order to maintain focus on the security, speed and functionality of Yahoo Mail on the latest systems, we are no longer supporting Yahoo Mail on the built-in Mail app for devices prior to iOS 5 on June 15, 2015. If you use iOS 4 & earlier, you can continue to use Yahoo Mail on their Safari mobile browser at mail.yahoo.com.
  • Support for syncing Yahoo Contacts on older Macs: Similarly, to provide the best and safest experience, starting June 15, 2015, we are no longer supporting Yahoo Contacts syncing for devices prior to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. If you use Mac OS X 10.7 Lion & earlier, you can continue to access your Yahoo Contacts through Yahoo Mail on their web browser.
  • maps.yahoo.com: The Yahoo Maps site will close at the end of June. However, in the context of Yahoo search and on several other Yahoo properties including Flickr, we will continue to support maps. We made this decision to better align resources to Yahoo’s priorities as our business has evolved since we first launched Yahoo Maps eight years ago.
  • GeoPlanet & PlaceSpotter APIs: For developers who use GeoPlanet and PlaceSpotter APIs, we are standardizing and consolidating our offerings by retiring these APIs in Q3. The functionality provided by these APIs are available today through Yahoo Query Language (YQL) and BOSS. Information on how to migrate the APIs is available on the websites for YQL (non-commercial usage with rate limited to 2,000 queries per day, per table, per app ID) and BOSS (commercial usage).
  • Market-specific Yahoo media properties: In the coming weeks, we will shut down some of our regional, genre-specific media properties to streamline our editorial offering. The content from these sites will be redistributed across the Yahoo network. Here are the affected markets and properties:
  • In mid-June, we will close Yahoo Music in France and Canada as well as Yahoo Movies in Spain. We will also close our Yahoo Philippines homepage and genre-specific media sites, and redirect to the Yahoo Singapore homepage.
  • At the end of June, we will close Yahoo TV in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Canada as well as Yahoo Autos in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.
  • In early July, Yahoo Entertainment in Singapore will close.
  • Yahoo Pipes: Pipes creation will not be supported as of Aug. 30 this year. Pipes infrastructure will run until Sept. 30, 2015 in read-only mode to help developers migrate their data. Please visit http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes for additional details.

By Adam Cahan, Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering

Sports fans, mark your calendars for October 25, 2015. We’re teaming up with the NFL to bring you the International Series Game, live streamed from London, so you can watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this fall. For the first time in NFL history, anyone with an internet connection can tune in, exclusively on Yahoo, from anywhere to watch a live football game for free. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, laptop, console or connected device - we’ve got you covered.


Both the NFL and Yahoo have long shared a passion for bringing the best experiences to football fans around the world. We’re thrilled the NFL has selected us to be their partner for this historic event and proud that we can offer it to our global users.

As we say, around here… Yahoo!

Check out the press release here.

By Dennis Buchheim, VP product management, Yahoo 

In the complex world of digital advertising, there is growing demand from marketers to have greater transparency into ad viewability and traffic fraud. They also want control over how it is measured to  allow them to better compare performance across publishers and ensure appropriate return on advertising spend, brand safety and ad effectiveness. In fact, in a recent Ad Age article, Kellogg is referenced as pulling dollars away from media partners that do not allow third-party viewability measurement.

Today, we are announcing the availability of independent viewability and fraud measurement for display and video advertising on Yahoo O&O properties, as well as media purchased across its programmatic buying platform.  We have created an open environment where advertisers can choose from leading accredited, third-party measurement solutions from comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Moat, among others, to independently validate for viewability and fraud across display and video at every stage of the campaign lifecycle.

This is a significant milestone for the digital advertising industry, as no other large premium digital publisher provides open, third-party measurement across its platform. We’re excited to bring these capabilities to market.

Check out the press release for more information on this announcement


Flickr DefaultIguanaPeacock
Examples of (1) a raw image and (2) an engaging filter that adds contrast and warmth,and (3) a less-engaging filter, which introduces artifacts and adds a cooler temperature.Photos: CC-BY-ND ayman on Flickr  

By Saeideh Bakhshi and David A. Shamma

Filters: Practically every modern camera-phone app offers them, from Flickr to Instagram to the iOS built-in camera. You can snap a photo and with a tap make it look reddish, or black and white, or faded and aged. It is now commonplace to capture a photo and edit it on the same device, then instantly share that photo with family, friends, or the world. But despite their present-day ubiquity, filters should not be taken for granted; they affect how people engage with photos in significant ways.

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An IRS representative stated Tuesday that the IRS plans to study its rules for issuing private letter rulings regarding the active trade or business requirement in spin-off transactions and will hold off processing new ruling requests. Yahoo understands that the IRS’s statement is not specific to Yahoo’s planned Q4 2015 spin-off of its remaining stake in Alibaba Group and Yahoo Small Business, reflects no change in applicable law, and does not affect previously filed ruling requests. Yahoo filed its pending ruling request with the IRS in Q1 2015. Yahoo continues to work toward completing the planned spin-off in Q4 2015.

By Leah Linder, Tumblr Communications Manager

Tumblr launched a new initiative called Post It Forward today, and Yahoo is super excited to help spread the word! Post It Forward is a video campaign that aims to raise awareness and remove the stigma around mental and emotional health, bullying, self-harm and other issues affecting people on the Internet today.


PostItForward.tumblr.com and the tag #PostItForward will serve as a hub for community building, support and healing for those in need. Through these platforms, users can speak to their personal experiences, offer positive messages of encouragement and raise awareness of organizations that have helped them throughout their journeys. We hope you’ll join in!

Participation is simple: if you have a story to tell related to the topics that affect mental and emotional health as expressed online, and especially if you have any advice to give, someone out there needs to hear it.

By making a simple video sharing your story, you can help make an impact by spreading the word and inspiring the Tumblr community to positively overcome obstacles. Through Post It Forward, this conversation can turn into a community.

Tell your story wherever you want to on Tumblr, and tag that story #PostItForward - then share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and ask your audience to share your video or post it forward in return. All you need to do is grab a camera and start talking.

It’s totally fine if you don’t feel like sharing a video - you can also share a text post, or use the Post It Forward selfie GIF maker on PostItForward.tumblr.com and tag it #PostItForward. Check out some examples here: http://postitforward.tumblr.com/tagged/psa.

Some of our favorite celebrities and charities are posting it forward, including: Elizabeth Banks, Vice President Joe Biden, Pete Wentz, Jordin Sparks, Wendy Williams, Brittany Snow and teenage author Aija Mayrock, with more to come.

We hope you will participate - what changed your life could change someone else’s. Together, let’s Post It Forward!

By Guy Yalif, VP Global Marketing, BrightRoll

BrightRoll recently hosted the eighth annual video summit in NYC to explore the latest trends in programmatic video. Nearly 800 marketers, agencies, publishers and influencers from across the digital advertising world came together for this successful event.

BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti opened the day with a keynote, diving into the latest industry trends and company updates. During his keynote, he shared two exciting announcements from BrightRoll about new mobile video offerings and ad fraud solutions. Tod also talked about the prospect of “growing the programmatic pie” and explained that the future of programmatic growth comes down to four core pillars - data strength, inventory quality, mobile growth and global approach.

The summit then dove into a series of important discussions with industry thought leaders around programmatic strategies, ad fraud, mobile targeting and measurement, and the future of digital video advertising. For more on the BrightRoll Video Summit and to watch all of the videos check out the Brightroll blog.

By Tim A. Miller, Head of Engineering, Flickr

At Flickr, we’ve dreamed of creating a space where you can store and manage a lifetime’s worth of memories - imagine having half a million photos in one place! We’ve redesigned Flickr and now you can easily and effectively upload, view, organize, edit and share your lifetime of photos and videos across desktop and mobile. Today, we’re introducing a number of exciting tools, as well as a complete refresh to our mobile apps, that will help you take advantage of the 1,000 GB of free space we gave you in 2013.

What’s New?

New Uploadrs: Tap into what feels like unlimited storage with our new Uploadr for Mac and Windows. You can finally upload as many as half a million photos that would otherwise be scattered across your laptop, desktop, an external hard drive, iPhoto and more. Then, turn on Auto-Uploadr on your mobile device and free up valuable space on your phone. We’ll automatically sync the photos and videos across your devices as well as any new ones you capture. Don’t worry, anything uploaded will be marked private until you choose to share it and we’ll take care of any doubles.

A New Camera Roll in the Cloud: View your photos, videos and albums from anywhere - web or mobile - then browse through thousands of photos in seconds, easily navigating your entire catalog by date or by using the dynamic Magic View. Built with our advanced image recognition technology, the new Magic View will identify the content of your photos and organize them across more than 60 categories, such as landscapes, animals, screenshots, panoramas, black and white, symmetrical, and more. We’ve also made sharing your own photos and videos easier than ever. Simply swipe to select as few or as many as you’d like, click “Share” and then you can grab the link, share via email, Instagram, Facebook and more. If you want to download thousands of photos and videos at once, we’ve got you covered. For the first time, download them in zip format to share however you’d like.


Browse in seconds


Enjoy with Magic View 


Select & organize with ease

A New Search Experience: We’re also using our advanced image recognition technology to bring you innovative image search that is smarter, easier and faster than ever. Find photos of mountains or redwood trees in a flash! Filter images by color, size and orientation – discover some spectacular panoramic shots of the sky with blue and magenta hues or beautiful, minimalist, black and white images of cities. Next, look for photos of the London Eye to find the giant Ferris wheel and you’ll no longer find countless photos of eyes taken in London. Instead, our new advanced search algorithms understand your intent and bring you higher quality results time after time. Say you’re looking for a photo from your New Year’s Eve party - search by holiday, month, year or location. Now, in no time, you’ll uncover those special moments that you thought would be trapped in the archives forever.


Discover through search

New Mobile Apps: We’ve made the new Flickr consistent across devices and platforms so that you can enjoy the same amazing experience whether you’re looking at a lifetime of images or videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, or on the web.

If you’re already a Flickr member, enjoy these updates by logging into your Yahoo account at www.flickr.com and updating our app from the App Store or from the Play Store. The desktop Uploadr for Windows and Mac are available too. If you’re new to Flickr, we’d love to welcome you to our community today!


By Brad Jones, Director, Product Management, Flurry from Yahoo

Today, we announced Apple Watch analytics within Flurry Analytics! With Flurry’s new Watch analytics, developers can understand user behavior in their apps across phones, tablets, and Watch extensions.


Developers have the…

By Andrew Schulte, Chief of Staff to CEO & Joon Huh, Investor Relations


In 2014, we made significant progress in driving toward a dramatic business transformation here at Yahoo. We focused on innovations and investments around mobile, native, video and social, the fastest growing areas of digital advertising, and made incredible strides in our search business.

Our 2014 Annual Review on Tumblr is a visual representation of the key milestones we achieved over the last year at Yahoo. Take a look at yahoo2014.tumblr.com, and you’ll see why we’re all more inspired and excited for what we can accomplish over the next year and beyond.

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