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Kiwi Experience - Kitchen Sink Detailed Itinerary

Modified on: Mon, 28 Dec, 2015 at 1:31 PM

This is pass for when you start in Auckland, finish in Christchurch and still want it all (hence the name).

You’ll begin by heading to the spectacular Bay of Islands and far north before returning back to Auckland. From there you’ll head through the North Islands best known spots, down the rugged West Coast, into adrenalin pumping Queenstown, and onto the amazing Milford Sound! From there you’ll venture into the deep south and have the chance to visit Stewart Island. After all that excitement you’re still not done as there’ll be plenty more to see and do on the way up to Christchurch which is through Lake Tekapo.​​​

Click on the below link to view or download the detailed itinerary for this pass.

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